About Us

Established in August 2005, Shenzhen Keysco Technology Co.,Ltd(Keysco) provide tablet accessories, like wireless keyboard, keyboard leather case ,capacitive pen, tablet stylus pen.

In the industry of keyboard case,more than 15 years of intensive cultivation of keyboard products, the product market vitality of R&D is strong, and the peripheral supply chain resources of keyboard raw materials are deep.

In the industry of stylus, 100 SKU have been introduced to the market every month to solve various problems in screen touch. Whether in resistive screen, capacitive screen, infrared screen or electromagnetic screen, providing a complete set of solutions.

Keysco has a strong and continuous product innovation capability. At present, it has obtained American invention and appearance patents, Japanese utility patents, German utility and appearance patents and European Union appearance patents, as well as various Chinese patents. Keysco has a way to solve the problems of small quantity, small batch and many styles. Keysco can provide customers with free low quantity mold opening discounts to solve customers' problems.

We are also attracting investment globally and looking for like-minded channel providers to explore the market together.